Prospect Academy

 A 6th-12th grade public charter school focused on serving students who are high functioning on the autism spectrum, or have similar learning challenges, that provides a strong academic education with the help of therapeutic supports 

About Us

Dedicated Educators



Our teachers and counselors are highly qualified  to serve the individual needs of our students with patience, kindness, understanding

 and positive reinforcement. 

 They meet students where they are and unlock their  potential by highlighting strengths and helping them  overcome their unique challenges.

Individualized Learning



Each student participates in the development of his or her individualized learning plan determined with

 a team of teachers, faculty, and parents. 

 Our curriculum is taught by highly trained and supported educators who help our students thrive and bridge the gap between education and development.

Our Mission


We provide a safe, calm and inclusive learning environment that educates students with behavioral & learning challenges & prepares them for a  successful life from 

high school  to college or career. 

 Our education is inclusive,  equitable, and promotes a love of  life-long learning.




 Algebra I & II, Geometry, Calculus 

Language Arts

 Literature, Composition and Creative Writing 

Social Studies

 Literature, Composition and Creative Writing 


 Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics 

Life & Social Skills

 Cooking, Financial Accountability, Independent Living Necessities 

Rotating Electives

 Art, Music, Foreign Language, Television, Physical Education 

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Prospect Academy


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed