Prospect Academy has hired Mia Coffing, M.Ed., BCBA, to serve as the Planning Principal for the new school. In this role, Mia will guide the process of opening the school as well as lead the work to build the curriculum for students. Mia served as Board President for Prospect Academy for the past three years and was instrumental in the approval of the school’s charter by CSI. Mia is a champion for students and it shows in all the work she does.

Mia’s Blog

Mia shares her thoughts on education, Prospect Academy, learning differences, and more!

What does the environment have to do with it?


Mia Coffing

Mia Coffing, M.Ed., BCBA, has been teaching, researching, and consulting in the field of special education for 20 years. She taught reading and math in both resource room and inclusion formats, designed school-wide positive behavior support plans, developed, administered, and supervised home and school ABA programs for children with autism, and consulted to school districts, teachers, and families in 6 different states. Mia is excited to expand her services for students and school districts in metro Denver, where she has lived and worked for the past 8 years. She currently is the owner and director of the Aim Learning Center, which she started in 2017. Mia attended Dartmouth College where she received her B.A. in psychology and brain sciences, as well as minors in education and human development. She then received an M.Ed. in special education from Vanderbilt University.
In addition to her experience thus far, Mia has visited schools and learning centers across the country who use the applications of applied behavior analysis in their teaching. She has also trained at Haugland Learning Center in Columbus, OH, a successful replication of Morningside Academy in Seattle. Mia is dedicated to providing the best teaching services to her students and helping parents navigate the special education world.